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It is common knowledge that due to the 1-child policy in China, for many years girls were abandoned and put up for adoption because families wanted (needed..) sons for different reasons.

It may not be common knowledge that one of the most vulnerable groups in China, in the world….. the disabled children, has been abandoned and sent to orphanages. Children suffering from minor physical disabilities and children with both physical and mental disabilities. Children with no voice or other means to speak out for themselves.

Since about 2000 there has been an increase of abandoned disabled children. Today the majority of children that go to an orphanage are disabled and many of them have no chance of ever being adopted, as they are too severely handicapped. Most of them do not get sufficient medical treatment or therapy due to a lack of money and because people still do not realize that even the disabled have abilities. Even though China is developing more and more, there is still a lack of knowledge and awareness concerning treatment of certain disabilities.

This is where we want to make a change; where we want to stand up and speak out on behalf of the disabled children and show both China and the rest of the world that everyone has rights and abilities, however insignificant they may seem.

What is our aim?

Our aim is to support disabled (orphaned) children with a mental or physical disability or both, by giving them a voice. We currently mainly focus on children from the Yulin Social Welfare Institute (YSWI) in Yulin, Shaanxi and their foster families. In future we hope to extend our help to other orphanages and foster families in other areas in China.

How do we hope to achieve our aim?

  1.   Through training and informing the workers at the welfare institute as well as the foster families
  2.   Through (financing) medical surgery
  3.   Through providing medical devices, such as: braces, incontinence diapers, etc.
  4.   By raising awareness within the community; locally, countywide and hopefully one day nationwide

All of this we want to achieve with the help of local governments and China-based organizations and institutions. Especially as our ultimate aim is to give the children a better future with help from within… from their own people, their own country…