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The Mooncake Foundation -Ability 4 Disability- does not donate money. We believe in providing training and schooling, as knowledge is power. With more knowledge, people can change things by themselves and become more independent. We believe in financing surgeries, but only within the country of origin of the child needing surgery, IF possible. In this way nurses, surgeons and doctors can develop and expand their knowledge. We believe in providing medical equipment and necessities, preferably from the country of origin to so promote local and national employment. We also strive to share the costs of all the above mentioned and more with local governments and the welfare institutes involved to increase their responsibility towards the most vulnerable ones, the disabled children.
Hi, I am Marlies van Strien, founder/chairman; former special needs teacher at Rea College Nederland and former VSO TEFL-teacher. I have always had a soft spot for the underdog and for children and during my 2-years’ placement in Yulin, P.R. China for VSO I just so happened to find these two at the Yulin Social Welfare Institute. When I first went to the YSWI, it broke my heart to see how the disabled children were treated. During my placement I started a student volunteer group and we visited the orphanage at least twice a week. I’m quite proud to say we were able to make some sufficient changes, but there’s still a lot to do. After my return to Holland and having met some very dedicated adoptive parents, I decided to set up a Foundation to try and improve things for the children even more and to raise awareness about their abilities within the community and hopefully in future in all of China. Hence the Mooncake Foundation – Ability 4 Disability -. I feel very lucky being able to do this and having people around me supporting me.
Please let me introduce myself: I’m Ethel van der Vlies, administrator, happily married to Tim and mother of 3 ‘global’ children: 2 daughters, Blossom (1997), biological child, Yi Kong (2003), born in Yulin, Shaanxi, P.R. China and 1 son, Jing (2006), born in Beihai, Guanxi, P.R.China. We live in Hoek van Holland, in the Netherlands.

I came in touch with Marlies through the blog she kept during her time in China, teaching at Yulin University, Shaanxi. Soon she got very involved with the children at the YSWI and especially the children with either physical and/or mental health problems and all sorts of things related to that.

Marlies is a very positive person and she really ‘goes for it’, that’s why I am so happy and enthusiastic I can join her in the Mooncake Foundation. With each other, but of course not without your support, we close the circle for the children in the YSWI!
Hi I am Ma Zhenzhen, from July 2011 I am the local assistant in Yulin.
I will graduate from Yulin College as an English major in the summer of 2011. I started working for Mooncake Foundation as a volunteer in 2010. In the past year I became really fond of my volunteer work; what Marlies and the other Mooncake volunteers were doing touched me deeply. Things do not always go smoothly in order to help the disabled children here; Marlies struggled and still struggles a lot.

As a Chinese I think we should be more responsible for the disabled children ourselves, so I decided to continue struggling together with Marlies after my graduation and I therefore accepted a job as her local assistant in Yulin. It is a new job and we both need to grow into it, but I am very much looking forward to it. I hope more and more people, especially young, Chinese people, will join us to light up our Mooncakes' lives.
Maria van Strien, MD of Public Health -specialized in youth- . Obviously family to the founder, Marlies, and likewise overwhelmed by the children after a visit to the YSWI, while visiting Marlies during her VSO-placement. Has an advisory role in the McF.
Brouwer & Oudhof, accountants. Brouwer & Oudhof are sponsors of various events, usually in combination with a sponsorship from RSM Niehe Lancée, particularly focused on sports and on doing business with social commitment. We preferably focus on sponsorships for young people. The objective is that young people are the future, and we would love to welcome them into our organisation in the future!

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